Robb Krysl

Robb Krysl

Audio Engineer

A recent transplant from L.A., now based in Fort Collins, Robb's formal education includes Berklee College of Music which he attended on a Performance Scholarship and The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. When he's not behind a console he's filling his time as a Vintage Audio Technician and Drummer.

Robb has worked with the following

    Ben Harper, A Fine Frenzy, Jane's Addiction, Rich Costey, Everclear, Ben Harper and Relentless 7, Ryan Adams, Rhodes Music, Jeff Berman, Divided Heaven, Nina Storey, Anjani, The Seers and Highjacked

Examples of Robb's work





  • Audio

    Tracking, Editing, Mixing and Production

  • Technician

    Rhodes and Wurlitzer restoration, tuning, voicing and modifications.

  • Musician / Drummer

    Session Drummer, Producer/Programmer


  • Every project is different so hit me up with your goals and budget and we'll discuss.

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  • Mac OSX 3.5GHz i7 32GB RAM System
    Pro Tools 10 and 11
    Antelope Orion 32 Converter
    Antelope MP32 Mic Pres
    Analog Summing
    NOS McONE Passive Monitor Controller
    JT-1 Monitors
    CAT35 Monitors with Custom Drivers
    MR-1 Tape Delay/Recorder
    Vintage Wire Recorder

  • Instruments
  • Rhodes Stage 73 (Fully Refurbished by Robb)
    Tons of Software Instruments

Mic Locker
  • BV-12 (Modified)
    C418 x 4
    SM58 x 2
    55SH II
    1940's Telephone x 2
    B1 x 2 (Customized)

  • Plug-Ins
  • Too many to list


Los Angeles, CA
Fort Collins, CO

Reach Out

Always looking for great new artists to work with, so don't be shy, email away!